"Every object has a story. Finding that story and bringing it to life is what makes my heart flutter. It reminds me of all the worn wooden spoons, threadbare aprons and time tarnished silverware that populated my grandmothers' lives. Finding these pieces and photographing them is like retelling those stories again and again."

My name is Autumn and I'm a Creative Director who specializes in photoshoot production and I'm an experienced prop stylist, set designer and food stylist. I'm an American, but I've lived abroad in Britain, traveled Europe and put my tent-poles down in Quebec. I've learned French, eaten Haggis and visited the Kölner Dom. Even more than travelling, I love to create beautiful photography and work with talented individuals to create work that is dynamic, visually remarkable and that tells a story.

My services and rates range depending on the details of the project, please do not hesitate to email me at styling.femme.fleur@gmail.com or visit my contact page.

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