“If you want to build a ship, don't ask people to collect wood, instead inspire in them a longing for the sea." - Antoine de Saint Exupéry”

Hi! My name is Autumn Wood and I'm a Creative Director, an experienced prop stylist, set designer and food stylist who specializes in photoshoot production. I'm a native of southern Georgia, a lover of sunshine, Harry Potter and a certified sommelier (a goal I reached in 2017!) More than all that, I'm a passionate creative who loves to tell stories through images.

Running my own creative photo studio, becoming an entrepreneur and being a prop-stylist for almost 6 years, means I’ve worn a lot of hats. I’m a storyteller at heart, and I love brainstorming on how to best tell a product, brand or artisan’s story. I really shine in bridging the gap between making products relatable and helping create a consistent brand to help them sell. I'm a passionate and entrepreneurial creative who really loves creating a visual space where products can tell their story.

So, whether you're looking for someone to direct your next photoshoot, create a brand styling guide or you need an expert eye at styling your product, I'd love to be a part of your next endeavour.  Please click the link below and tell me all about your next project. I can't wait to help you tell your story, one photo at a time.